Time to surprise your mom

Let’s create an intimate mother day celebration, I loved my last years with my girls at home, making me breakfast.

So here is a cute inspiration for Mother’s day with Covid again.

Lets’ plan a Spa Party for mom as a theme!

I am sure she deserves it! I do lol

Lets me show you how.

Let’s create a Spat party just for her, with all the cuteness she deserves and loves, from breakfast to cake and balloons too with a special gift certificate, I hope!

Here is the link to check my favorite Amazon gifts for 2021

hope you enjoy it

my Amazon.com




Pink Cookie Slippers

by tipjunkie.com

by littlebigco.blogspot.com.au

by playpartyplan.com


by karaspartyideas.com

by. smartiebox.co.za

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by catchmyparty.com

by Karine Arte da Ka


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