Can I do a dessert station without a cake?

My answer is absolute, you can.  Before the pandemic, I have done numerous shows in really nice places in NYC. I have done several shows with The wedding Salon from Tatiana Brown, from winter to summer show and most of them I did not have a cake. And I have done the same at the wedding show at the Bloomingdales, on third ave in NY.

I discovered with time that I have an obsession with creating details for my dessert stations. So the more desserts and details I can place on the table to show how creative I can be the more I also impacted the people admiring. OMG sounds a little too considered lol, I am sorry but it was a fact! and I had to take advantage since the cost of doing this kind of show is not “friendly”.

Anyhow, I also thought about my client’s pocket, I had to consider since part of my job as a dessert stylist is to provide the best to my clients with the budget they gave me. By sacrificing the cake, I had a lot more to play.

Sometimes I would create a small cake just for the show, too. There were times as well that I designed dessert stations with not one, two but three cakes!

So truly it depends on what is your goal for that particular event! How much do you have to play and how you decide to play that money, but no you do not need a cake on every dessert table.