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My journey guiding people on what items to purchase for their DIY party at home. My mission is to help one person at a time to celebrate the important events in their life by creating beautiful memories.

  • What are you celebrating?

    So funny how we have so many reasons to celebrate and it’s only when something tragic happens that we stop to think if I only knew!

    Wake up, celebrate every victory, live life to the fullest. create moments with the people you love that you can cherish, and yes, a party is a perfect excuse to get everyone together and celebrate!

    After getting Covid and having to postpone, I had the chance to celebrate with my firstborn, something small at home just family, but we did it!

    One cake and an arch with balloons, something simple and beautiful, more important something that she loves.

    She loves reading so of course, the theme had to be about a book.

    20000 leagues under the sea, the cake had a submarine immersed and the balloons had a beautiful degraded of deep ocean colors of blue and green.

    I created a small tablescape in front of the fire pit in our backyard.

    A party of seven, seven of the most important people to us, our crew, our crazy family.

    Cause that’s what matters, to build with the people you love and are the dearest to you, memories that we can take for life!

    Car is temporary, career is temporary, house is temporary but memories are for a lifetime!




  • Making a difference

    Yesterday I had the chance to design a beautiful dessert table for The Brazil Foundation.

    The party was amazing, a lot of famous Brazilian actresses and famous activists, one of the most popular Brazilian singers was performing Claudia Leitte.

    The dessert table was beautiful lots of compliments. It was an amazing experience, but for me, it was extra special. I had the chance to talk to one of my favorite Brazilian activist who fights for helping the minority and stop hunger.

    I did. tribute on the dessert table to his mother, and I had to tell him my vision.

    Edu Lyra’s mom always told him; it’s not where you came from but where do you decide to lead!




  • My oldest was 21 and I had to postpone her party

    I am so sad I had to postpone my oldest party, but we all got tested Positive for dam Covid. I had to be responsible and postpone NOT CANCEL, her party. I was so excited and I couldn’t wait to show her I have been secretly planning for her. Well, We’ll have to wait, until we finished our quarantine and feel better.

    I can’t complain we have been doing well compared to many out there. I took the test for precaution, and I was surprised the result was positive.

    Dam COVID, you will not ruin my plans, I have been teaching and guiding families for free so they can get to celebrate with or without me, and now you are after me?  I will survive and I will be stronger, cause I have a big mission MRS COVID< and I will not let you ruin my plans, lol.

    And I am not just talking about my oldest party, I have too much to celebrate in this life, I have too many future memories to build! SO FOR YOU MRS COVID, BACK OFF!

    Stay tuned cause I will be sharing this party later lol, I will not give up!!

    To my beautiful Natalie, mom is away but I love you always and forever.

    Soon we will celebrate together, your beautiful 21’s birthday and many more!!!

    love MOM



  • Let’s talk about Plan B, when planning a party.

    Some people are not happy with plan B, especially event planners and decorators I have to admit. But as experience kicks in, I learned a lot these past 10 years of creating dessert tables and helping my clients to design their party, sometimes having a plan b is a sign of maturity that you can actually problem solve any situation. Trust me, not everything is in your hands, and we hate to have to implement or change something, but sometimes we have no choice. take a look at this Video from my Instagram


  • 20000 Legues under the sea

    Yes, it’s an odd theme and not so easy to find inspirations. But, this is a special request, it’s for my oldest daughter and I can’t wait to post pictures, here is what could put together, hope you enjoy it.

    The book is amazing, to be able to try to create something as memorable, well you will see it soon, I will make sure I will post my own version of this epic party.

    Here are some items for you to DIY your party from MY AMAZON SHOP 


    Disney 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Legacy 65th Anniversary Ornament

    Forum Novelties Men&#39;s Deep Sea Diver Costume


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    deep ocean ice cream by mariannafrances.com

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