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My journey guiding people on what items to purchase for their DIY party at home. My mission is to help one person at a time to celebrate the important events in their life by creating beautiful memories.

  • Can I do a dessert station without a cake?

    Can I do a dessert station without a cake?

    My answer is absolute, you can.  Before the pandemic, I have done numerous shows in really nice places in NYC. I have done several shows with The wedding Salon from Tatiana Brown, from winter to summer show and most of them I did not have a cake. And I have done the same at the wedding show at the Bloomingdales, on third ave in NY.

    I discovered with time that I have an obsession with creating details for my dessert stations. So the more desserts and details I can place on the table to show how creative I can be the more I also impacted the people admiring. OMG sounds a little too considered lol, I am sorry but it was a fact! and I had to take advantage since the cost of doing this kind of show is not “friendly”.

    Anyhow, I also thought about my client’s pocket, I had to consider since part of my job as a dessert stylist is to provide the best to my clients with the budget they gave me. By sacrificing the cake, I had a lot more to play.

    Sometimes I would create a small cake just for the show, too. There were times as well that I designed dessert stations with not one, two but three cakes!

    So truly it depends on what is your goal for that particular event! How much do you have to play and how you decide to play that money, but no you do not need a cake on every dessert table.


  • Is Valentine’s just for lovers?

    Valentine is about a month away time to make sure you get to celebrate your LOVE for your significant other.   I always think about and got into arguments about Valentine’s. Is valentines days a celebration just for lovers?  Can we give valentines for friends and family too?

    My husband says absolutely not. But I don’t agree with him, lol, gets him so mad! I love my daughters and sister and lots of my friends so why can I not celebrate with them?  If I was completely wrong so why you can find cards and gifts in stores for everyone?

    Well, I guess is a matter of choice and belief or a matter of consumerism!  Anyhow, let me help you to celebrate! Gnomes are the cutest trend this year, they are everywhere. So I put together a few of my favorite items from gifts, to a mini dessert set up some sweets, and top ideas for cake to help you celebrate! Let’s get this party started!


    1. Gnome placemats 
    2. Gnome prop decor
    3. Valentine’s signs
    4. Pink centerpieces to decorate the table
    5. Pink organic balloon  garland
    6. Gnome mold for diy 
    7. Pink table cloth
    8. Pink cake stand 
    9. White cake stands

    For more ideas go to my AMAZON STORE FRONT 

    3 DIY Desserts for your Party at Home


    Recipe and instructions  sprinklebakes.com


    Recipe by  semisweetdesigns.com


    Tutorial by  ezzly.hubpages.com


    BY yemek.com

    BY  cakesdecor.com

    BY. cheriekelly.co.uk

    BY  flowers.katabara.com

    BY cakecelebrations.co.uk


  • What are the rules about creating a Dessert tables?

    What are the rules for creating a dessert station? I used to wonder about that all the time. But truly after eight years of dedicating my time to crafting desserts stations, I learned that there are no rules set on stones!

    Dessert stations vary a lot, it really depends on two factors in my opinion. It depends on how much does the host is willing to spend on the desserts and what and how he wants to spend on the decor.

    Every client is different, every party has different needs, different guests. For some people the decoration is what matters, for others is the quantity. Some people don’t have a sweet tooth either their friends. So as you can see, you need to think about all these factors when creating a dessert station.

    If you feel like the decoration is the most important thing you need to establish a budget separated from the desserts. But you must understand prices first so you can determine your budget. A design cupcake for a crafty cake designer is not the same as cupcakes from Walmart and so on and so far. Cakes can also be expensive and once you start adding balloons,  rentals,  backdrop forget it! Cake tends to vary prices according to style, so you can have a cake for 30 people that cost $120 but also depending on the design cost $350 and up.  The same works with ordering balloons, backdrop, or hiring a professional to do it. there is a big difference when you do it yourself everything and you hire someone. Things can really go skyrocket.

    So if you are planning or thinking about designing a dessert station I recommend you to research. The best way to get a closer estimate of how much things cost I suggest you find find a picture of what do you like. Now with a picture in hand, you can start doing your homework.

    BE CAREFUL with one important thing, sometimes you may get a higher price for the same product but the prices sometimes also come with the quality of the details and finishing.  Someone who is new to the business may start out cheaper cause don’t have the skills someone whose been doing for a while.  So make sure before giving any deposit or signing any contract to view what has that person done, previous jobs or orders, ask to see pictures of their work.

  • Make the first party count!

    All right no more time to lament, 2020 it’s over! Its time to start all over again, welcome to a New Year, new goals, and lots to celebrate, cause I believe it will be an incredible year.

    So let’s make it count!


    Do you need help with creativity?  Do you need help to understand the process? Do you need help with guiding you on what to purchase?

    How can I help you, with your party?

    So many questions… if anyone can hear me

    let me know!!!


  • Why should we Celebrate 2020 Christmas?

    Why should we celebrate Christmas this year?  Seems like the whole year was wrong, all the parties that were canceled, all the weddings that were postponed, why we should celebrate?

    So many people lost so much, it’s hard to find a reason to celebrate.  The worst was not to lose jobs but everyone this year, lost one person or know one person that lost a family member. So many sad stories, of families that could not have a proper way to say goodbye, no hospital visits … we almost lost hope.

    We lived in fear and were forced to change our habits to a new norm.

    But we are still here, we need to be strong and support one another. We can’t let fear take over and lose hope.

    Christmas is not just about giving presents. As Christians today we celebrate the birth of Jesus of Nazareh, today we should more than ever remember what Jesus did for us. He died so we can be here, we need to continue honoring his sacrifice and everything he stands for. We need to celebrate, we need to have hope, we need to be strong just as he was. If we are still here we have a reason for it.  Embrace your mission, find a purpose, be kind, help other, do something… cause this is the moment where anything can make a difference.

    I found a new hope, a new reason to celebrate as well.

    My goal is to help you to continue celebrating, to build beautiful memories with your family and love ones, in such difficult times.   I am very good in what I do, creating beautiful dessert tables and I will be posting this year more than ever instructions and tips to help you to create as well, beautiful parties.

    This is my plan. I want to get into as many peoples house as possible and help them to build these memories. I want to build a tribe of people that can help each other to resolve all the party problems. Helping you to learn, to have a decorator vision, to be able to build but your self these amazing memories.

    I cant wait to see your questions and help you resolve your party problems. I cant wait to see you sending me back pictures of these amazing moments.  See everyone smiling, and celebrating life! Cause sure life is worth celebrating!