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My journey guiding people on what items to purchase for their DIY party at home. My mission is to help one person at a time to celebrate the important events in their life by creating beautiful memories.

  • Star Trek and Star Wars Party Theme

    If you are a Star Trek fan, you know September is the month to celebrate Start Trek.

    Here are some fun ideas for a really cool party for boys or girls


    Here are some of my favorite items from MY AMAZON SHOP

    3D Illusion Platform Night Lighting Touch Botton 7 Color Change Decor LED Lamp

    Boy's Luke Skywalker Star Wars Costume

    3 Cool Desserts

    by  sweetsugarbelle.com



    by  offbeatbride.com



    by cakesdecor.com

    by  themarysue.com

    by  cakestoday.com

    by  whimsycakesbydee.com

    by  thisiswhyimbroke.com



  • Party Manners

    Well, believe there is such a thing, and some people have no clue about it.

    It’s sad to think how common sense is not part of everyone’s lifestyle, seems, to be very rare in these newer generations. NO KIDDING, I actually did a live talking about these, hopefully, some people will learn, or share the info so others can be aware of what’s wrong and right.

    If you are planning or attending a party you should watch, I bet you you would be able to name at least one type of person in the video lol, if not!!! Congratulations your friends are civilized.

    go to the link below


  • How to choose party items that you can recycle

    So many tips and so many ideas, all you have to do is find me!!! Find my Instagram SWEET GARDEN CREATIONS

    there you can find many more interesting pictures, and see tons of videos with party information for you to DIY or ub=nderstand how to hire the right professionals for you.

    lately, I did a LIVE, talking about items that you can recycle, especially if you are a mom and just want to learn enough to DIY your kids’ party, you should take look here is the video below from my YOU TUBE CHANEL




  • Answering question yes or no

    Just recently, I started on my stories to ask certain questions to my follower as simple as YES or NO answers.

    I was very impressed if some answers, how some question the number of people that would go either way. Somethings that I found it was going to be yes absolutely by everyone that voted to find out that, a lot of people answered no, to questions like: Do you look into people’s portfolio when you are hiring a professional? How can you not?

    A few people answered no. I was astonished.

    Even questions like, have you been to a party that was not enough food?

    Have you been to a party that you did not want to attend?

    Have you seen people who showed up to your party that you have no clue who they are?

    Tell me is not crazy? But is true some people are crazy… we all have at least one in the family.

    SO if you are curious to see some of these questions here is no SHORT from My  Youtube.

    For more visit, my Instagram @sweetgardencreations


  • If you are planning a party you should…

    So many things you should do if you are planning a party, research, list, understand your choices etc.

    But what makes a party a GOOD PARTY!

    For 10 years dealing with clients one thing I learned, that everyone is different. Some people are all about the food, some people are all about the drinks, and some love decorating. You need to understand and find out what is important for you and your guests. Nobody knows your family better than you, no vendor can do miracles to guess what you should do, and if they try, there is a fifty-fifty chance of doing wrong, and you wasting money.

    Let me show you a little video that can give you some ideas of things that you should think about it when you are planning a party