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My journey guiding people on what items to purchase for their DIY party at home. My mission is to help one person at a time to celebrate the important events in their life by creating beautiful memories.

  • Answering question yes or no

    Just recently, I started on my stories to ask certain questions to my follower as simple as YES or NO answers.

    I was very impressed if some answers, how some question the number of people that would go either way. Somethings that I found it was going to be yes absolutely by everyone that voted to find out that, a lot of people answered no, to questions like: Do you look into people’s portfolio when you are hiring a professional? How can you not?

    A few people answered no. I was astonished.

    Even questions like, have you been to a party that was not enough food?

    Have you been to a party that you did not want to attend?

    Have you seen people who showed up to your party that you have no clue who they are?

    Tell me is not crazy? But is true some people are crazy… we all have at least one in the family.

    SO if you are curious to see some of these questions here is no SHORT from My  Youtube.

    For more visit, my Instagram @sweetgardencreations


  • If you are planning a party you should…

    So many things you should do if you are planning a party, research, list, understand your choices etc.

    But what makes a party a GOOD PARTY!

    For 10 years dealing with clients one thing I learned, that everyone is different. Some people are all about the food, some people are all about the drinks, and some love decorating. You need to understand and find out what is important for you and your guests. Nobody knows your family better than you, no vendor can do miracles to guess what you should do, and if they try, there is a fifty-fifty chance of doing wrong, and you wasting money.

    Let me show you a little video that can give you some ideas of things that you should think about it when you are planning a party



  • last party of the season, let’s go Camping?

    Yes, summer is almost over! Hard to believe, but August is almost at the end. So why not have a Camping party to honor our last summer’s nights.

    I love camping, I love nature, so it’s perfect. Kids, would love it I am sure, good for boys and girls, why not?

    My girls, I am positive they will. They are the type to get their feet wet in the rain and not afraid of mud and bugs, lol.

    Here are some cute ideas for you to DIY a CAMPING party at HOME

    Click on the link below



    Inside Out Fiery Cinnamon Suckers

    By ashleemarie.com



    by  fromabcstoacts.com


    Smore Marshmellow Stick

    by momtrends.com

    5 Amazing Cakes

    by. buzzfeed.com

    by  cfcakedesign.com

    by  youtube.com

    by. cakesdecor.com

    by davidscustomcakes.com

  • Do you trust your vendor?

    That’s something you should be very careful about, do you trust your vendor?

    Unfortunately, not everyone is honest in this world. you need to make sure to check recommendations and see their portfolio.

    I have seen tons of people get hurt by not doing their homework, I have been there myself. One time I placed an order for some flowers and what I asked and what was delivered was not the something. The worst thing is that my client was happy but I didn’t have the guts to tell her was not what I wanted. I am happy she was happy, but the truth is it was what I really wanted.

    here is a video of some typical mistakes that people do, please learn from my mistakes.

  • Are you ready to learn how to create a plan for you next party?

    Yes, I am creating a course online. I am so excited, I have been teaching and guiding people online since the pandemic and for the ones that asked me for a course, it’s finally here.

    Monday, August 9 I will be doing my first live workshop.

    On the free webinar, I will be teaching the 5 basic pillars for the foundation of a good party.

    1.The budget is the heart of the planning. How are you going to establish a budget if you don’t understand the cost?

    2.Type of party: how the reason you are celebrating affects everything.

    3.Date and time: when your party takes place matters.

    4.Place:what to consider when choosing your venue.

    5.Theme:why is theme important?

    All of the five pillars affects each other in some way. Undesrtanding eacg separately is just as important as knowing how they influence one another.

    once you understand them and can line up the possibilities it is easier to create a plan, saving time, money and stress.

    So if you are interested and wants to learn, run and sign up here.

    See you soon

    Gislene Luz