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My journey guiding people on what items to purchase for their DIY party at home. My mission is to help one person at a time to celebrate the important events in their life by creating beautiful memories.

  • Did you know that June 29 Hug Holiday is “thing”!

    Can we still celebrate HUG HOLIDAY? After COVID I am not sure if everyone feels comfortable about this.


    Hug Holiday is a special day where people give each other big hugs! It’s all about spreading love and kindness by using the power of human touch. Hugging can help us feel better, and it’s a way to connect with others and create a sense of community.

    Hug Holiday celebrates the benefits of physical touch, like feeling happy and less stressed. It’s a great reminder to show affection to those we care about and to be mindful of how important it is to our mental health.

    So get ready to give your friends and family big hugs on Hug Holiday, and spread some love and happiness! Just remember to ask for consent before hugging someone, and respect their boundaries if they don’t want a hug.

  • Happy Father’s day, for the real DADs out there!

    Hey there! Let’s talk about what makes a dad a good father. A dad is someone who takes care of you, teaches you important things, and is always there for you no matter what. A good father is all that, and more!

    A good father is someone who loves and supports you unconditionally. He’s someone who will go above and beyond to make sure you’re happy and safe. He’s a role model, a friend, and a mentor all rolled into one!

    Now, let’s get philosophical for a second. What’s the difference between a dad and a father? Well, a dad is someone who is biologically related to you. But a father is someone who takes on the role of a dad, whether or not he’s related to you by blood.

    Being a dad is easy. Anyone can do it. But being a good father takes a lot of hard work and dedication. It takes someone who is willing to put your needs above their own, someone who is patient and understanding, and someone who is always there to support you, even when times get tough.

    So, whether you call him dad or father, what really matters is the love and support he gives you. A good father is someone who will always be there for you, no matter what. And that’s something truly special!

  • Did you celebrate the most epic holiday yesterday? ?

    Oh boy, Making Life Beautiful Day is one of the most special days out there! It’s all about spreading good vibes and joy on June 11th each year.

    So, how can you celebrate this awesome day? Here are a few fun ideas to get you started:

    1. Show some love! Make someone smile by doing something kind for them. Maybe it’s complimenting their outfit or holding the door open for them. It’s the little things that can make a big impact!
    2. Get creative! Take some time to beautify your surroundings. Maybe plant some flowers or create some artwork to liven up your space. A splash of color and creativity can make all the difference!
    3. Hang out with the ones you love! Connect with friends and family, and maybe even make some new memories together. Spending time with the people who make you happy is always a great way to celebrate.
    4. Give thanks! Think about all the awesome things in your life and express your gratitude to those around you. Being thankful can help you feel more positive and joyful.
    5. Take care of yourself! Do something that makes you feel good, whether it’s taking a relaxing bubble bath or going for a refreshing hike. Self-care is important, and it’s a great way to celebrate Making Life Beautiful Day!

    Remember, this day is all about spreading happiness and kindness. So, go out there and do something beautiful, and let’s make the world a more joyful and vibrant place!

  • Why June is so popular for Weddings?

    June is a super popular month for tying the knot, and it’s easy to see why! First off, the weather is usually on point – not too hot, not too cold, and plenty of sunshine. Perfect for an outdoor ceremony, and not too shabby for an outdoor reception either!

    Plus, with school getting out for the summer, more of your family and friends can make it to your big day. No need to worry about missing guests because of school schedules!

    And, let’s be real, June has some serious historical wedding street cred. Back in the day, it was considered the luckiest month to get married, because it’s named after the Roman goddess of marriage and childbirth, Juno. And who doesn’t want to bring some good luck to their wedding day?

    Another bonus: wedding vendors are usually less busy in June than during other months, so you’ll have an easier time getting the services you need for your dream wedding.

    And finally, let’s not forget about the honeymoon! June is a fantastic month for travel, and many popular honeymoon destinations offer sweet deals during this time. So, you can have the wedding of your dreams and then jet off to a tropical paradise for some alone time with your new spouse. What could be better than that?