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My journey guiding people on what items to purchase for their DIY party at home. My mission is to help one person at a time to celebrate the important events in their life by creating beautiful memories.

  • How to Convince the hubby to break the bank!

    That’s right

    We moms have a hard time convince dad that we need the money to spend on this party!

    There is a reason why they say the book “Men is from Mars and Women is from Venous was so popular because is true!

    They don’t understand, the same way we do… lol

    Yes, spending money on kids’ birthdays is important!

    It’s about creating magic moments, moments that we will always cherish. This is the best time to show your kids that magic, they believe in so many things.

    Let them enjoy, what’s the point of making money if you not going to create moments like this?

    The best inheritance you can leave behind, valuable moments with the people you love.

    Here are my 3 great excuses to help you to convince your husband. for the good mom as well as the bad mom!!!

    I had so much fun, enjoy it!



  • Surfs up , summer is not over yet!

    Before summer is over, let’s rush into this cute summer party idea to inspire you.

    You can picture yourself at the end of the day, watching the sunset enjoying the kids laughing at the back, feel the breeze

    Surf UP!

    Here are some items that you can use for reference when creating this theme party.

    For more inspiration got to my amazon page for full setup.

    Amazon Surf up!

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    Chocolate Tropical Leaves Cupcake

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  • Let’s talk Invitation 5 reasons why you need one.

    Do I need an invitation? some many reasons why would I say yes, even if you not planning a formal party.

    1. tells us about the location
    2. time the party starts and finishes
    3. dress code
    4. theme
    5. what type of party

    Invitation can be very useful as well, you can add little note to let the guest know about other things for example

    1. non-acholic party or bring your own liquor
    2. where the guest is registered
    3. if the guest needs to bring anything else  ( towel for a pool party)

    And there is nothing more exciting than to get an invitation, it always makes us feel so special.

    Here is a video from my youtube channel that gives a little more explanation and suggestions on where to purchase  and other info etc





  • Love my guests

    I love my guest and the chance I have to find out how they fell in love with the party world.

    Every Monday usually I interview someone in the business world, I been doing that since January 2021. At least almost every Monday, it has been a few times that I skipped, but for the most part almost every Monday.

    It’s so funny how we all have many things in common, even though we may seem to be “selling” different products, but a lot comes don’t to the same, to make sure the event is perfect.

    Some of my interviews have been in Portuguese but most of them in English. Portuguese because of my background, and I am very involved in the Brazilian Community.

    Here is one of the interviews I have done in the past. He is one of my favorite photographers.


  • Planning a kids party? ho no you need this

    I love creating kids’ parties, it’s my favorite party to design.

    I think is because

    1. You can be super creative
    2. kids love it

    Yes, I have such a good time and I love to see their reaction, it’s PRICELESS!

    But as a party host for children, you need to be careful, you have to make sure certain things for example theme must be age-appropriate.

    Also when you are looking into other factors like creating the gift bags and hiring entertainment.

    When creating the dessert station age also means a lot.  Kids usually like candy, chocolate, and desserts that they recognize.  They like simple stuff bottom line, so please make sure you take their age and the other kid’s guest age into consideration.


    I have other few valuable points at this video from my Youtube channel, take a look I am sure it will cover a lot of important points