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My journey guiding people on what items to purchase for their DIY party at home. My mission is to help one person at a time to celebrate the important events in their life by creating beautiful memories.

  • lives on Instagram

    I still can’t believe I been doing lives, lol.

    I started in the middle of January two live a week, guiding and teaching people everything that I know about parties, to help people to celebrate at home.

    I have no idea how I found the courage to put my face out there, I was always the girl behind the scenes, but somehow I have this strength inside of me that just pushed me out.

    Some days I love it, but some days I do fear, What in the hell am I thinking? is anyone listening? lol

    Well, the info is out and can truly help people, and I am not giving up, so… lets’ keep ongoing.

    If you haven’t seen any, It’s time for you to take a look, trust me you will learn something new!

    Here is the link for my beautiful page, and would love to have you follow me there.




  • Planning an outside event?

    Outside Parties are fun and let’s be honest, WE NEED it!

    After a whole year of standing inside, keeping a distance, it feels good to see the weather change and be able to breathe fresh air.

    It’s not sometimes the best place to have it, I have to be honest, cause we can’t control the weather.  I have some supper, religious friends that I play with them all the time, can you please call God and ask him to be nice?

    But the truth is you always have to have a Plan B just in case. You need to also be able to not let it bother you if you have to use plan B. Don’t let it ruin the day, remember the most important thing is to CELEBRATE!

    For some valuable points watch the video below



  • Time to surprise your mom

    Let’s create an intimate mother day celebration, I loved my last years with my girls at home, making me breakfast.

    So here is a cute inspiration for Mother’s day with Covid again.

    Lets’ plan a Spa Party for mom as a theme!

    I am sure she deserves it! I do lol

    Lets me show you how.

    Let’s create a Spat party just for her, with all the cuteness she deserves and loves, from breakfast to cake and balloons too with a special gift certificate, I hope!

    Here is the link to check my favorite Amazon gifts for 2021

    hope you enjoy it

    my Amazon.com




    Pink Cookie Slippers

    by tipjunkie.com

    by littlebigco.blogspot.com.au

    by playpartyplan.com


    by karaspartyideas.com

    by. smartiebox.co.za

    by karaspartyideas.com

    by catchmyparty.com

    by Karine Arte da Ka


  • News about our let’s Celebrate Movement

    Hello hello hello, very excited to share with you my readers, or maybe with myself.

    I consider this blog to be my journal as an entrepreneur,  my goals, my ideas my space in the world. Hope to one day look back and enjoy reading to myself my own thoughts.

    So sharing here today a movement that a created on my Instagram.   A few weeks ago I was listing to a room in ClubHouse and i hear this story that touched me very deeply.

    Trying to make it short, she was sharing her story. Growing up poor, how she used to spend her Saturdays with her mom and brothers at some kind of “church sales group”

    So she used to sit under the table and read the books that were for sale to collect for donations, and sometimes the people would give her the candies that were for sale.

    On this particular day, she was so hungry, so hungry, that the whole walk there, she was praying to God for food, she was a child. She was there all day when they left and went home, at the end of the afternoon, by her surprise, her godmother who has just moved back into town passed by and left them an envelope with money. So basically her prayer was answered.

    I was in tears, Tania Sanches story touched enough to make me stand up and add something more for my battle. Since the pandemic, I been guiding and teaching women about the importance of celebrating, and sharing my knowledge as party designer.   Hoping to help mother’s to continue celebrating at home.

    However now I created a movement on my Instagram,  “A CAKE CHALLENGE”, I shared with my followers the idea of purchasing a cake and passing forward to a stranger, to push people in these hard times to do the same, celebrate!

    Here is my embarrassing moment crying live lol

    But seriously, have you ever thought about how lucky we are? My kids have clothes, food, and a roof to call home!  A kid that prays for food, to have a cake is luxury! So maybe next time, just look around and surprise a child with a cupcake!

  • More and more Videos

    Yep, I do about two lives per week and I am very proud of it.

    I don’t come here and share every week, but at least once a month I am here to share what’s going on and remind you. If you are as passionate as I am about celebrating and creating a dessert table as a focal point of your party, stop by grab a  paper and pen and take notes… here is a short version