Time flies, that’s for sure. It’s hard to believe she turned three, she talks a lot and is always up to no good!

They say the second is usually the one that knows how to bring you to your tippy toes, they are not lying!

I thought, maybe cause it took me too long to conceive I may get lucky, it was almost like starting all over.

No, she is just as perfect as any little second child full of energy, knows it all, and very bossy. Sometimes I wonder who is the mother?

But she is also full of joy, and happiness always jumping and talking and falling and smiling. A smile that can get away with MURDER!


Anyhow this year, for her birthday, we choose a theme that is so dear to us! cause reminds us of her little giggles, cause the theme was based on a song that she loves singing and loves teaching me how to sing too.  I think the name of the song is Honey Bunny Sugar Plum, not sure, but it’s adorable.

So of course we had to include that on her birthday somehow, so later when she is older we can tell her why. let me tell you she is a sugar bunny, she is also always jumping and asking for CANDY!

Thanks to my sister and friends, for introducing it.

Anyhow here is a small video showing the decor hope you enjoy it.