Yes, I am creating a course online. I am so excited, I have been teaching and guiding people online since the pandemic and for the ones that asked me for a course, it’s finally here.

Monday, August 9 I will be doing my first live workshop.

On the free webinar, I will be teaching the 5 basic pillars for the foundation of a good party.

1.The budget is the heart of the planning. How are you going to establish a budget if you don’t understand the cost?

2.Type of party: how the reason you are celebrating affects everything.

3.Date and time: when your party takes place matters.

4.Place:what to consider when choosing your venue.

5.Theme:why is theme important?

All of the five pillars affects each other in some way. Undesrtanding eacg separately is just as important as knowing how they influence one another.

once you understand them and can line up the possibilities it is easier to create a plan, saving time, money and stress.

So if you are interested and wants to learn, run and sign up here.

See you soon

Gislene Luz