How do I know my style? How to choose a party style or theme?

In my opinion, it really depends, of a lot of factors for example: who is the party for? what kind of occasion?

It’s super normal for someone to like and “elegant” party for a wedding, and have a rustic baby shower! Just because you prefer to have an elegant wedding doesn’t mean that every single party you do have to be that way?

For some people is how they are…They like everything elegant or like only gothic things even Disney! It’s your choice, don’t be intimidated by other people’s opinions. I tell my clients all the time, you are paying, not them.

One way that I found useful with all the past clients, to help them understand their style was to guide them to look around. Research things that calls your attention.  Go to Google image search and type “party styles’, or your favorite platform. I personally like Pinterest, I think it’s a very useful visual platform.

Understanding your style can help you to find the right items for you to purchase and order. Seems logical right? But no for everyone, believe me. I have been doing dessert stations for 8 years and I get surprised and I always learning new objections.

So run to Pinterest and find out your style, create boards and start pinning things that you find interesting.  After that, you are ready to show your event planner or decorator and find prices according to what you really want.

Remember it’s your choice!