There are many ways to create a party with value.

But in order for you to create your own or think about them let’s talk about the 3 most common values




Very hard to name them all and give examples. But if the values above resonate with you, let’s now think about how can we relate them to your party.

If you go with the ideology that party is a perfect excuse to create memories with friends, family and people you love.

You should think also, that you as a party host, should be responsible to understand that, these people are counting on you to make their TIME TOGETHER Special.

So you need to think about it all, from the food to the music and entertainment how everything should play out, correct?


Therefore you need to understand and determine who is going to be attending the event and tailor the event to their interests and needs.

But one important detail is that, before anything else, is to make you analyze according to your values what you want and don’t want in your party. for example for many parents I know, others should be no alcoholic beverages at kids’ parties.

But believe me, this is a culture issue too. I come from brazil and in the Latin community is normal to serve alcohol, at every type of party. Now, should I serve alcohol, at my kid’s party?

In this case, who should you be loyal to? a cultural tradition or your values towards how you want to raise your children? that’s a decision that you as parents should discuss before writing your beverage list. That is an example of how you can create “rules” that go according to your values.

If you are not a drinker, put your foot down. Especially at kids’ parties. It’s ok to implement your rules, you are the host.

The same type of thinking should be applied when writing the guest list. is it appropriate to invite everyone? friends? family and colleagues or just friends with children? what should we do?

Honestly,  again it’s a rule that you are your husband should discuss, every party is different, and some guests may be always invited but others may depending on the occasion.

You know your friends and family more than anyone, so you should be aware of what type of people are they. It may be a good idea not to include everyone, cause they also may feel embarrassed.

The worst thing you can do as a party host is not to be able to make everyone feel accommodated.

This also should be considered when deciding the menu, you may have some guests that are vegan, so make sure you have food to accommodate the choices.

Music, make sure the playlist is appropriate to the event and age group, and the entertainment as well.

A belly dancer is not the right entertainment for a kid’s party, even when the theme party is Aladin!

Planning is important, sometimes not everything may go as planned, but the more planning the better.

Be kind and considerate of your rules and values and the people attending.