The first day of the year is a  very important day for me, with lots of mixed feelings, but definitely a day for changes.  This is more than ever, last year we barely knew what was waiting for us, but this year … well I have a goal, to help you!

Yes last year, when the world was falling apart, in the middle of the chaos I found a new purpose. As many Americans had to reinvent and restart from the beginning from losing jobs to homeschooling, I found a way to help, to serve a purpose.

For the past 8 years, I been designing dessert stations, as a passion at first and later a full-time job.  I became very good at it, I had the chance to work with amazing event planners and been to famous places. I literally had a dream job. But with the unfortunate event that the “party” world got hit last year, I saw this dream turn into a nightmare… But I woke up from this nightmare and I found a calling, I found a way to make a difference and still do what I love.

I decided to teach my followers, everything I had learned to help them to see how I see. To be able to make analyses, to understand, and consequently to do it themselves if it’s what they desire.   So many people got financially affected, a lot of cut down on extra expenses, like the niche I was in. As parties got downsized, so did their budget for extra expenses which is totally understandable.  But I believe a party is a perfect excuse to build memories with family and friends, So my goal is to help you build beautiful memories together. So, Let’s get this party started.

In my opinion, to be a good host, there are a few steps that should be important to learn. It’s not just about the food, a good host should be able to make their guest feel comfortable and be accommodating.

But before we can get to details about how to be a good host, it’s important to determine what kind of party is it? kids or adults? men or women? Believe me, it makes a difference, a kid’s party is very different from an adult party.

So before we get into it, let’s just analyze a simple list of must-haves from any party so we can make decisions.

  1. what kind of party
  2. date
  3. theme
  4. how many people
  5. location
  6. invitation
  7. food
  8. entertainment

Soon we will be getting more into details and analyzing all the points, so keep in touch!