I am so sad I had to postpone my oldest party, but we all got tested Positive for dam Covid. I had to be responsible and postpone NOT CANCEL, her party. I was so excited and I couldn’t wait to show her I have been secretly planning for her. Well, We’ll have to wait, until we finished our quarantine and feel better.

I can’t complain we have been doing well compared to many out there. I took the test for precaution, and I was surprised the result was positive.

Dam COVID, you will not ruin my plans, I have been teaching and guiding families for free so they can get to celebrate with or without me, and now you are after me?  I will survive and I will be stronger, cause I have a big mission MRS COVID< and I will not let you ruin my plans, lol.

And I am not just talking about my oldest party, I have too much to celebrate in this life, I have too many future memories to build! SO FOR YOU MRS COVID, BACK OFF!

Stay tuned cause I will be sharing this party later lol, I will not give up!!

To my beautiful Natalie, mom is away but I love you always and forever.

Soon we will celebrate together, your beautiful 21’s birthday and many more!!!

love MOM