What are your goals?

I confess I am kind of lost, I know my mission but I feel sometimes that I am running against a wall.

But I think about how many mothers I have already helped to create memories with the family and I do get fired up.

It’s not easy to try to open people’s minds to something that seems not important.

That’s because people don’t understand how we don’t leave to our true potential.

We as mothers have the ability to choose what kind of memories we want to create in our family when we choose to celebrate.

We are a collection of our memories recorded in our mind, we can use events to solidify our traditions and values.

We can empower our children by celebrating their milestones.

We can make a difference at home. Everything begins at home…

When I teach for free about the party world all I want is to help you make decisions, so you can choose wisely where you should put your money into. But understand it’s not about how much money you spend, is not the elaborate decor is about creating memories and you can create positive memories with one simple cupcake and a smile.