• Is Valentine’s just for lovers?

    Valentine is about a month away time to make sure you get to celebrate your LOVE for your significant other.   I always think about and got into arguments about Valentine’s. Is valentines days a celebration just for lovers?  Can we give valentines for friends and family too? My husband says absolutely not. But I don’t […]

  • What are the rules about creating a Dessert tables?

    What are the rules for creating a dessert station? I used to wonder about that all the time. But truly after eight years of dedicating my time to crafting desserts stations, I learned that there are no rules set on stones! Dessert stations vary a lot, it really depends on two factors in my opinion. […]

  • Make the first party count!

    All right no more time to lament, 2020 it’s over! Its time to start all over again, welcome to a New Year, new goals, and lots to celebrate, cause I believe it will be an incredible year. So let’s make it count! let me start with HOW CAN I HELP YOU TO CONTINUE CELEBRATING?! Do […]

  • Why should we Celebrate 2020 Christmas?

    Why should we celebrate Christmas this year?  Seems like the whole year was wrong, all the parties that were canceled, all the weddings that were postponed, why we should celebrate? So many people lost so much, it’s hard to find a reason to celebrate.  The worst was not to lose jobs but everyone this year, […]

  • Welcome 2021 Let the New Year bring new Life!

    I am sure you are all excited and all worried about what to expect in 2021. I am still trying to understand what happened, was it real? Seams so far from reality and here we are learning how to deal with the new normal. Well, new things are also changing with “our” blog this year. […]