• I don’t have money for trays … what should I do?

    How to create layers without trays on your Dessert table? Well, in my world of designing dessert stations, I talk about how it’s important to creat different layers and to give the dessert station depth.   How can I do that without using different sizes of trays? There are many ways you can do that, […]

  • Welcome to my why!!!

    It’s been a while since I started doing lives twice a week, probably about 6 months now. It May did not seem a lot but for someone who used to be so shy not sure how and who is this new person.  Believe me, I am not complaining. But it’s funny to see,  how it’s […]

  • It’s not about the decor

    This is the best party tip I can give you.   it’s not about the decor remember, the most important thing is the occasion, why are you celebrating! It doesn’t matter if a small party or a big one. It’s not about the money spend. It’s not about the fancy dress. It’s about building important memories, […]

  • How to Select the Trays for your dessert table

    Hello, yes seems very simple right? Not really, trust e I see people do this mistake all the time. Either is too big, doesn’t match, same height, or no height at all. lol Well, making it short, you need, to keep the trays not so wide, different height and preferable, neutral colors that can be […]