• I am back in 2023

         Out with the old and in with the new! It took me a whole year to revamp this blog. I spent most of 2022 looking back on old posts and realizing that my message was not clear, and focused too much on following the structures of other blogs. Such as sharing DIY party […]

  • Thank you 2021

    so much done, so much accomplished I can’t complain, it has been a good year I survived Covid I survived my difficult no money-making year I survived motherhood after 40 but more important than ever, I impacted moms I helped them to create memories with their families. So much to be grateful, so much to […]

  • The last Merry Christmas ?!

    What can I say… Celebrate! The best Christmas wish I can have is seeing you enjoy your family and celebrate. Bring your traditions, bring your family values to the table, and enjoy one another. What if you knew that could be the last one you spend with your family? would you do it differently? If […]

  • New years new goals

    What are your goals? I confess I am kind of lost, I know my mission but I feel sometimes that I am running against a wall. But I think about how many mothers I have already helped to create memories with the family and I do get fired up. It’s not easy to try to […]