• Let’s go live again…

    I have been doing live on my IG for almost 2 months now. I am so happy, its all part of the process of overcoming my fears. The new me fighting the old me, that’s for sure.  If you get the chance to listen and get pass the imature editing and not-so-good microphone you can […]

  • When do I need a backdrop behind the dessert station?

    I get asked this question a lot. What about a backdrop? Trust me you don’t need a backdrop unless you have to have one, confused? Me too…lol. But it’s true before you start buying items that are not necessary for your dessert station, make sure to analyze everything. It’s very important for you to have […]

  • This year’s march inspiration go to…

    Dr Seuss Yes, in every school march is the month to celebrate many things. This week we will celebrate Dr Seuss, one of the greatest children authors.  He wrote more than sixty children’s books and was also an illustrator. One of my favorites is The Cat in the Hat so in honor of this amazing […]

  • How to find a style for your party?

    How do I know my style? How to choose a party style or theme? In my opinion, it really depends, of a lot of factors for example: who is the party for? what kind of occasion? It’s super normal for someone to like and “elegant” party for a wedding, and have a rustic baby shower! […]

  • Lives on Instagram

    Yes, I created the courage to go live on Instagram, believe me. I don’t know who is this new person and she kind of scares me a little, if you know me well, you know I used to be the person behind the scenes. The blog was just the first step and now live on […]