• what is the biggest mistake when creating a dessert station?

    One of the biggest mistakes I see people doing when creating a dessert station is to have everything level. Creating different highs on the dessert table can help with the composition and design. When you place everything flat one level, you kind of lose the balance on creating different focus points. It’s not inviting, its […]

  • Can I do a dessert station without a cake?

    Can I do a dessert station without a cake? My answer is absolute, you can.  Before the pandemic, I have done numerous shows in really nice places in NYC. I have done several shows with The wedding Salon from Tatiana Brown, from winter to summer show and most of them I did not have a […]

  • Is Valentine’s just for lovers?

    Valentine is about a month away time to make sure you get to celebrate your LOVE for your significant other.   I always think about and got into arguments about Valentine’s. Is valentines days a celebration just for lovers?  Can we give valentines for friends and family too? My husband says absolutely not. But I don’t […]