• Can I do a dessert station without a cake?

    Can I do a dessert station without a cake? My answer is absolute, you can.  Before the pandemic, I have done numerous shows in really nice places in NYC. I have done several shows with The wedding Salon from Tatiana Brown, from winter to summer show and most of them I did not have a […]

  • Is Valentine’s just for lovers?

    Valentine is about a month away time to make sure you get to celebrate your LOVE for your significant other.   I always think about and got into arguments about Valentine’s. Is valentines days a celebration just for lovers?  Can we give valentines for friends and family too? My husband says absolutely not. But I don’t […]

  • What are the rules about creating a Dessert tables?

    What are the rules for creating a dessert station? I used to wonder about that all the time. But truly after eight years of dedicating my time to crafting desserts stations, I learned that there are no rules set on stones! Dessert stations vary a lot, it really depends on two factors in my opinion. […]

  • Make the first party count!

    All right no more time to lament, 2020 it’s over! Its time to start all over again, welcome to a New Year, new goals, and lots to celebrate, cause I believe it will be an incredible year. So let’s make it count! let me start with HOW CAN I HELP YOU TO CONTINUE CELEBRATING?! Do […]