• Why should we Celebrate 2020 Christmas?

    Why should we celebrate Christmas this year?  Seems like the whole year was wrong, all the parties that were canceled, all the weddings that were postponed, why we should celebrate? So many people lost so much, it’s hard to find a reason to celebrate.  The worst was not to lose jobs but everyone this year, […]

  • Welcome 2021 Let the New Year bring new Life!

    I am sure you are all excited and all worried about what to expect in 2021. I am still trying to understand what happened, was it real? Seams so far from reality and here we are learning how to deal with the new normal. Well, new things are also changing with “our” blog this year. […]

  • Apple Picking Party Theme

    This year Thanksgiving has to be extra extra special, being away from family for so many months due to Social Distancing, so many parties canceled throughout the year… the biggest holiday in the USA and we are still here, with distance or not WE MUST CELEBRATE!!! For me its a very emotional time, and this […]

  • Mad Scientist Party Theme

    It’s impossible not to have a Halloween tradition every October. Last year I did a cute little monster party, cause my baby girl was almost a year old. So I wanted something cute and not scary. She is still a baby, maybe toddler now lol, definitely in her “terrible twos”. OMG, not easy, lots of […]