• Do you trust your vendor?

    That’s something you should be very careful about, do you trust your vendor? Unfortunately, not everyone is honest in this world. you need to make sure to check recommendations and see their portfolio. I have seen tons of people get hurt by not doing their homework, I have been there myself. One time I placed […]

  • How to Convince the hubby to break the bank!

    That’s right We moms have a hard time convince dad that we need the money to spend on this party! There is a reason why they say the book “Men is from Mars and Women is from Venous was so popular because is true! They don’t understand, the same way we do… lol Yes, spending […]

  • Surfs up , summer is not over yet!

    Before summer is over, let’s rush into this cute summer party idea to inspire you. You can picture yourself at the end of the day, watching the sunset enjoying the kids laughing at the back, feel the breeze Surf UP! Here are some items that you can use for reference when creating this theme party. […]