• I need more lives…

    I haven’t been doing lives on my Instanfgram as much as much as I wanted, things have been getting busy. This year,  I am lucky enough to have my father home for Christmas and my niece for the first time. I am so excited and have just been trying to enjoy it as much as […]

  • My little bunny is three.

    Time flies, that’s for sure. It’s hard to believe she turned three, she talks a lot and is always up to no good! They say the second is usually the one that knows how to bring you to your tippy toes, they are not lying! I thought, maybe cause it took me too long to […]

  • Black Friday Best Deal!

    The best deal you can have on Black Friday is not for sale! That’s silly? not really. Buying thing on sale feels good, I have to admit.  I love using my coupons at Michael’s Arts and Crafts and Hobby Lobby. But the best deal you can have is to enjoy the time you spend with […]

  • Ready for Thanksgiving?

    Yes, next week is Thanksgiving, I cannot believe how this year passed so fast. Maybe because I had emerged into a new world of possibilities, busy creating content on my social media about the party world and helping people to DIY their parties. yes,  of course is impossible to forget that having a two years […]

  • What are you celebrating?

    So funny how we have so many reasons to celebrate and it’s only when something tragic happens that we stop to think if I only knew! Wake up, celebrate every victory, live life to the fullest. create moments with the people you love that you can cherish, and yes, a party is a perfect excuse […]