• Making a difference

    Yesterday I had the chance to design a beautiful dessert table for The Brazil Foundation. The party was amazing, a lot of famous Brazilian actresses and famous activists, one of the most popular Brazilian singers was performing Claudia Leitte. The dessert table was beautiful lots of compliments. It was an amazing experience, but for me, […]

  • The most popular Halloween Birthday them for 2021

    The Squid Game yes, what a fun party request. I know this show is very controversial right now, but I can’t disappoint my follower lol Very hard to find inspirations, but here are a few suggestions from my Amazon store. for more go to MY AMAZON¬† link   3 Cool desserts Cupcake Idea by¬† instagram.com […]

  • Let’s talk about Plan B, when planning a party.

    Some people are not happy with plan B, especially event planners and decorators I have to admit. But as experience kicks in, I learned a lot these past 10 years of creating dessert tables and helping my clients to design their party, sometimes having a plan b is a sign of maturity that you can […]

  • 20000 Legues under the sea

    Yes, it’s an odd theme and not so easy to find inspirations. But, this is a special request, it’s for my oldest daughter and I can’t wait to post pictures, here is what could put together, hope you enjoy it. The book is amazing, to be able to try to create something as memorable, well […]