• Star Trek and Star Wars Party Theme

    If you are a Star Trek fan, you know September is the month to celebrate Start Trek. Here are some fun ideas for a really cool party for boys or girls   Here are some of my favorite items from MY AMAZON SHOP 3 Cool Desserts by  sweetsugarbelle.com     by  offbeatbride.com   5 AMAZING […]

  • Party Manners

    Well, believe there is such a thing, and some people have no clue about it. It’s sad to think how common sense is not part of everyone’s lifestyle, seems, to be very rare in these newer generations. NO KIDDING, I actually did a live talking about these, hopefully, some people will learn, or share the […]

  • How to choose party items that you can recycle

    So many tips and so many ideas, all you have to do is find me!!! Find my Instagram SWEET GARDEN CREATIONS there you can find many more interesting pictures, and see tons of videos with party information for you to DIY or ub=nderstand how to hire the right professionals for you. lately, I did a […]

  • Pizza Party Theme

    That’s an odd idea… so why not? Most kids love pizza, why not a pizza party? My little one would love that idea I am positive many other kids can relate lol Here are some of my favorite findings from my AMAZON STORE my amazon store 3 cool Desserts COOKIES by shakentogetherlife.com CUPCAKES by  repeatcrafterme.com […]

  • Answering question yes or no

    Just recently, I started on my stories to ask certain questions to my follower as simple as YES or NO answers. I was very impressed if some answers, how some question the number of people that would go either way. Somethings that I found it was going to be yes absolutely by everyone that voted […]