important to celebrate

  • Teaching on social medias about home parties is a disaster?

    What a tile I choose for this blog post?!

    Good thing I am just another fish in the deep blue ocean called "internet"... At least that's how I feel lately.  It has been about a little bit over four months since I decided to change my business into something new.


    Before covid-19 life was good, I built myself my space in the world by having my dream job.  I am a dessert stylist so my job was to help my clients to build beautiful dessert tables.  The dessert station would become the focal point of the party.

    It would work as entertainment as well, cause it would help people to interact with each other and talk about all the details involved.  Honestly, that’s how I felt and continue feeling besides not being able to work due to “social distancing”.

    Learning how to adapt to a new life has not been easy… but necessary.  However, somehow I was able to connect the dots and find a way to reborn in the middle of all this. I been helping people, giving theme ideas and tips to help them to continue celebrating. It’s not paying the bills but its been definitely rewording.

    I had a mom cry to me over the phone, and thank me for helping her to create her daughter’s first birthday.   I have a baby at home myself and I been to depression… her words just lit up my face.  I don’t have much to say but…priceless.

    Making a difference in someone’s life there is no greater reward. I guess I found my call, I connected all the dots and I do have something that I can offer others, to help them.

    The Importance of celebrating

    I doubted myself, in the beginning, thinking that my skill is not essential.  Why would someone like to learn it? What kind of value can I offer by giving tips on dessert station and party set up?  I found out a lot!!! Cause the most important thing is to celebrate. We need to celebrate life every day.   It doesn’t matter if it’s a big party or small, what matters is the memory of that moment. Could be just by baking cupcakes with your child or a surprise party, the memory created by that action is what counts.

    I am sure if I ask you,  stop to think about it, you will remember some kind of story of the last party you attended.  An uncle who told a joke at the dinner table, a kid that got in trouble… could be also the last time you saw a family member that passed away.   Those are moments that should be cherished and appreciated that’s why celebrating is important, that’s why understanding the process behind being a good host is worth learning.

    To be a good host

    Learning how to create a beautiful theme that you can relate to, learn how to choose a cake the right away, learn surprise people with the right entertainment, to pick a date that works for everyone… so many things involved behind planning a good party.  So, I would confirm that my knowledge about parties is worth it, that I can make a difference in helping people to unleash all the mysteries behind planning and designing a really cool time, where they can share with their loved ones.

    Just follow me in this journey where I can teach you all the little tricks. NAMASTE