party tip

  • Answering question yes or no

    Just recently, I started on my stories to ask certain questions to my follower as simple as YES or NO answers.

    I was very impressed if some answers, how some question the number of people that would go either way. Somethings that I found it was going to be yes absolutely by everyone that voted to find out that, a lot of people answered no, to questions like: Do you look into people’s portfolio when you are hiring a professional? How can you not?

    A few people answered no. I was astonished.

    Even questions like, have you been to a party that was not enough food?

    Have you been to a party that you did not want to attend?

    Have you seen people who showed up to your party that you have no clue who they are?

    Tell me is not crazy? But is true some people are crazy… we all have at least one in the family.

    SO if you are curious to see some of these questions here is no SHORT from My  Youtube.

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