The contract is really a big deal in the party world, you always want a contract a proposal or a recipe. However, before you sign anything make your list and make sure after all the odds that the person, services, or place are the ONE for you.

A little confusing? let me see if I can make it simple by giving you examples. Well,  one time I had a client that lost her deposit of the location that she wanted her party to take place and decided that she would rather lose the deposit but have the wedding the way she dreamed of.  In this particular case, they did not allow her to have for example a dessert table with outside desserts. She was a Brazilian and very passionate about her culture and love for dessert table.

This is just one example that happens a lot also with “decorators” make sure before signing you see their work, that you like what they have created not something from Pinterest. There is a big difference between the work someone has done and pinning someone else work. Always ask to see their portfolio and not just inspirations.