What are the rules for creating a dessert station? I used to wonder about that all the time. But truly after eight years of dedicating my time to crafting desserts stations, I learned that there are no rules set on stones!

Dessert stations vary a lot, it really depends on two factors in my opinion. It depends on how much does the host is willing to spend on the desserts and what and how he wants to spend on the decor.

Every client is different, every party has different needs, different guests. For some people the decoration is what matters, for others is the quantity. Some people don’t have a sweet tooth either their friends. So as you can see, you need to think about all these factors when creating a dessert station.

If you feel like the decoration is the most important thing you need to establish a budget separated from the desserts. But you must understand prices first so you can determine your budget. A design cupcake for a crafty cake designer is not the same as cupcakes from Walmart and so on and so far. Cakes can also be expensive and once you start adding balloons,  rentals,  backdrop forget it! Cake tends to vary prices according to style, so you can have a cake for 30 people that cost $120 but also depending on the design cost $350 and up.  The same works with ordering balloons, backdrop, or hiring a professional to do it. there is a big difference when you do it yourself everything and you hire someone. Things can really go skyrocket.

So if you are planning or thinking about designing a dessert station I recommend you to research. The best way to get a closer estimate of how much things cost I suggest you find find a picture of what do you like. Now with a picture in hand, you can start doing your homework.

BE CAREFUL with one important thing, sometimes you may get a higher price for the same product but the prices sometimes also come with the quality of the details and finishing.  Someone who is new to the business may start out cheaper cause don’t have the skills someone whose been doing for a while.  So make sure before giving any deposit or signing any contract to view what has that person done, previous jobs or orders, ask to see pictures of their work.