So funny how we have so many reasons to celebrate and it’s only when something tragic happens that we stop to think if I only knew!

Wake up, celebrate every victory, live life to the fullest. create moments with the people you love that you can cherish, and yes, a party is a perfect excuse to get everyone together and celebrate!

After getting Covid and having to postpone, I had the chance to celebrate with my firstborn, something small at home just family, but we did it!

One cake and an arch with balloons, something simple and beautiful, more important something that she loves.

She loves reading so of course, the theme had to be about a book.

20000 leagues under the sea, the cake had a submarine immersed and the balloons had a beautiful degraded of deep ocean colors of blue and green.

I created a small tablescape in front of the fire pit in our backyard.

A party of seven, seven of the most important people to us, our crew, our crazy family.

Cause that’s what matters, to build with the people you love and are the dearest to you, memories that we can take for life!

Car is temporary, career is temporary, house is temporary but memories are for a lifetime!