I get asked this question a lot. What about a backdrop?

Trust me you don’t need a backdrop unless you have to have one, confused? Me too…lol. But it’s true before you start buying items that are not necessary for your dessert station, make sure to analyze everything.

It’s very important for you to have the view to choose the right location for your dessert station.  Look around the room and find a wall that can fit on the decor or can at least don’t compromised the set up.   You may be able to find a spot where the wall is clean and don’t have a lot to it, or a picture frame can be easily removed and you can replace it with something less expensive.

But certainly, if you want a backdrop for your dessert table, of course, you can have it.  Hey, I am all about add glamour and more to the desserts, but as a dessert stylist my job is also to make the best out of the budget, but I am not complaining if you want to add more.

There are many ways to create a backdrop behind the dessert station, you need to make sure the backdrop will fit with the dessert table itself, not trays flowers or props will be covering or interfering with the design behind. Everything needs to flow together in harmony, always.