Don't even know how to start this blog but I feel I need to share. Share my frustrations, my victories, my journey during the past year blogging.

Last year at this time, I had already been to a lot of personal pain,  a loss, but I had decided I was going to fight back and keep ongoing.

I restarted a project that I  had abandoned and left behind cause I had suffered such a loos that it was very hard for me to recuperate. I lost my mother, my best friend, the person that helped me through all my ups and downs. That hit me so hard cause.  It was not only unexpected, but I also didn’t have the chance to say goodbye. She was overseas and I was not able to travel on time. But God knows what’s best and he certainly has his ways to give us faith and keep us going…


For the priors years, before her passing, my mother always asked me when was I going to give her another grandchild. My answers was always the same; we been trying.  Sure enough what seamed impossible for the past 8 years, but a miracle “believe me”. Somehow, what I thought was the beginning of early menopause due to so much stress, actually had a heart bit. Yes, I was pregnant, in the middle of chaos.

God sent me this little angel to change my life again. To give me hope to remind me that life is beautiful that we all have a purpose.   Consolidate all those feelings was not easy.  Neither keeping myself stable.  One day I would cry so much, the next day I had so much joy. I just kept on going, cause I knew I had too. The pregnancy was not so easy cause I was not that young anymore.  Because I was 40th at the time, I was considered in the group of risk. However,  I did everything I had to by the book. I eat healthily, I exercised  I loved meditating at night.  Dreaming of my mother was the best part of the night lol.  Made me feel in my heart that she was always next to me… I believed it.


I believed it so much that God was about to send me another sign of hope to prove it. My due date was December 6, but sure enough.  However,  went into natural labor and gave birth on November 28, 2018 …  my mother’s birthday! So, the year I lost the best women figure in my life.  I gained another beautiful and strong female, my second daughter.

But, that was just the beginning of a whole new chapter that was about to change.  It was about September of 2019 that I was able to reestablish all my goals again. Starting to blog again.  The baby was almost a year old. I was back on my feet mentally and physically and I had so much drive now. I kept my dreams off my head and everything in action.  Everything was going so well. I keep on writing, and posting,  and creating,  and learning, and nobody is reading lol,  but I was so happy. Because  I was working and sharing what I love to do “Designing Dessert Stations”.



Life was so good, then in the middle of  February 2020, something unexpected hit again. This time, I was not the only one hurt by it. Little by little every day, the world started to collapse with Covid-19. Everything stopped. We all watched the news, as this epidemic started to spread. We all had to retrieve into our homes. Then, little by little all the phone calls started with every bride and mother were canceling their events. Totally understandable.

As the months kept going, more phone calls I got, more cancelations, and a few rescheduling.  In which by now “August” they were also canceled lol. But the worst is, also so many people began to lose loved ones.  I could feel their pain cause I just had lost my mother. I was worried about my father alone in the city far away. Because some of the restrictions of this new virus, is that we have to keep ourselves away from the elderly cause they can get affected the most.


Not losing anyone close to me to Covid-19 makes me very thankful.  Thankfully for my health. Grateful  for everything that people around us is trying to do to control this situation, the nurses, doctors and scientist. I am thankful to see that communities are coming together and everyone helping each other. But also, got me thinking, what leaves me? How can I help? How can I be productive at times like this?  What can I do?


Then,  I started connecting all the points, yes I can make a difference too. Of course, I can.  I figure out that part of my mission, is not just to go in and set up a beautiful dessert table.  God gave me a gift, I am very creative, artistic that’s a fact. But when  I am helping a client to design their party. I am actually helping them to make that specific time that they are spending with their families and guests to be memorable and unforgettable, by creating a beautiful scenario where the storytelling takes place.  So why not continuing to help everyone to create those memories at home? More than ever, cause for sure we don’t know what tomorrow holds! We need to continue celebrating now! TODAY! EVERYDAY!


I already changed all my social media platforms to DIY informative about parties, but not sure if I am doing the right way, every day I learn more about algorithms and all the little tricks involved,  less success I have lol… I never get a real comment, I don’t think people can hear me, but I will not give up with my campaign for people to keep on celebrating, and little by little, one person at a time, I will speak to and help them. If you read this post and you can hear me follow my journey and spread the word WE MUST CELEBRATE!